The ART OF PERSUASION ” To Be influence or not to be influence . That is the Question

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (Collins Business Essentials)

I want to write about this Book for some time but I think this the Time in Real Estate Market . This Art of Persuasion . Some people use it so much in there lives they think that it is realty. This Art is also know to some people as Sales . You many even use The Art of Persuasion in there daily lives deal with other people .

I want to share with everyone the ways this Art of Persuasion can be used have been used in Real Estate . By Sales people , Buyers , Lawyers , Title Companies , Lenders and Sellers .

This Some Deep in daily deals we cant always see it . I want make everyone aware because this give back the power to you and takes it away from person using the Art of Persuasion . There is nothing wrong with Art of Persuasion it just I always found it best understood when all parties understood the Art.

6 Ways that ART IS PERSUASION was used .

1. Reciprocation

This were you getting a Free Gift or Free House Price analysis , So later you can feel that you should be working with the person who gave you the Free Gift or Free House Price Analysis . This Way they build a feeling of trust with you . There nothing wrong with this but it good for everyone to know . This help everyone never feel as if someone trick them or used their time , Didn’t give them the business

2. Social Proof

Here’s an easy exercise you can try at home: Play your favorite show which featured a laugh track (FriendsHow I Met Your Mother, and The Big Bang Theory are all good examples), and then watch it with the laugh track removed (some muted versions of popular shows are available on YouTube) or just on mute with closed captioning on. Chances are, the scenarios in the shows won’t be as funny as you had first thought. According to research, audiences laugh longer and more often when a laugh track is running, and they rate the material as “funnier.” Why might this be? As Cialdini noted, it’s social proof.

We all want the feeling fitting in and don’t want feel like we are missing out . This why more Buyers fight Harder for a House with Multiple Offers then the House down the street without any offers . People want what other want because make them not feel alone and apart of Human tribe . This also happen for Sellers this way you have neighbors put there house on the market close in time line .

3. Commitment and Consistency

Generally, once we say “yes” to something, we are much less likely to back out, because keeping our word is a noble quality, and allows us to function well as a society. The need to “save face” and be consistent is deeply ingrained in our culture, and we fear the social shame attached to being known as inconsistent. This is evidenced by the very language we use to describe someone who changes their mind often or won’t readily commit—”wishy-washy,” “flip-flopper,” or “wimp.”

We can use this principle to influence others by getting them to say yes to something small, preferably through a public declaration, then gradually making larger requests. (This is also known as the “foot-in-the-door” technique.) Another way to profit by the use of the commitment and consistency principle is to remind someone who is hesitant to side with you of decisions they’ve made in their past. By highlighting how your request is similar, you indicate that the decision they are currently facing should be consistent with one they’ve made in the past. Similarly, be careful of these techniques being used on you, and feel free to quote the economist John Maynard Keynes: “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”

4. Liking

It should come as no surprise- We like to work with people we like and mostly purchase from them too . This way May Kay and Avon does so will

5. Authority 

We listen to specialist , experts and anyone in authority . We sometimes don’t question we just do what we are told . This you can see with attorney to client relationship .

6. Scarcity

This Art of Persuasion is the Keys and secret source of Real Estate Market . Real Estate agent telling their Buyers this best House you will see and this market you may not get other change . Sellers agent telling Seller this maybe the best offer you need to take it you mostly not get other one . This examples of the Scarcity . “You don’t want miss out ” is Key statement used in the Art of SCARCITY .

I Hope you enjoyed this topic . let me know at . Let me also know if there any Topics you like to learn about .