Let Go of Out Come and Know it will Happen in Finding a House in 2021 Real Estate Housing Market.

So This Year 2021 , The Housing Market in Westchester / Putnam Country Has been on Fire . Houses are get 5- 15 Offers With many of them going 2%-5% over asking price . This can be Frustrating to the most Buyers and Buyers with lower Down payment can be even Harder to get a House .

Most Real Estate agent would tell their buyers this the time you need to Really Go over the asking price . Before You Go and Do this Really Sit Back Do you need to purchase right Now . Why do you want purchase this House ? Why do you want be in this neighborhood ? Is the interest rates ? Do want get them this low ? If it about the interest Rates let me tell you they will stay low for the next 2 Years . Don’t Believe Real Estate agent with blog . Check it out for yourself Why mortgage will stay low for coming years . The House prices are going to go through the roof . I am here to be contrarian and say they will be falling . I don’t know when because I don’t have crystal bowl. Everything that goes up must come down . As The Boomers Retire there more need to Sell their Homes . The more of the change prices will have to be adjust to Supply and Demand.

I not say Hold off from Buying all together but If you keep losing out and your going 2% -5% over asking or you have low Down payment just not cutting it in this market . Just Remember this maybe a blessing . You not missing out . If you like to talk email me at nuno.ribeirodt@gmail.com . I know this market can be frustrating for Buyers .

I will leave you all with is one thought . I again I can be wrong about everything . Look at this picture . This is FEAR of FOMO. You never miss out your at the right place and right time . If you working to do the right thing .