Holiday Packages Going missing here some Tips #51

So Yesterday I was talking to a Friend about more and more Holiday Packages are being taken from the front steps of Home owners Homes . This said because happening in all neighborhoods . Don’t Believe me Call your local police and ask them . You be suprised .

So I choice to write about steps to protect your holiday package and even your them year Round . I always been big online amazon . My luck I only had one package ever lost or stolen who knows but my luck is my wife is stay -home mother . She keeps an Eye out like a Hawk . We also track the pack all the way through .

Try to know your local delivery people and your neighbors so they keep note to watch out .

Here’s what police recommend:

  • Have your package delivered to work or to a friend or relative that will be home.
  • Request the post office hold it for pick up.
  • Get it shipped to a store, bodega, or Amazon locker.
  • Require a signature on delivery.

Also you should look into putting Cameras around your property . The money that you spend on cameras can be nothing compare making sure your packages are delivered. Also the safety of your property .

The Team has great recommends if your looking to get security systems . Email us at For our recommends