Who are you listening in the Transaction : I hope its not your neighbor# 49

So today I was talking to Team member of my Real Estate Team . As Some of you know I mostly Advice my Team members and Marketing I don’t do the day to day Tasks . So I read ,study and work to bring information to the Team in many ways . So let forget about me . Let talk about what we hear for .

Who should be listening too? So I know most Real Estate Agent going to Say You should be listening to expect . Let me tell you something . Most People are not going to tell you . I seen this style of listening with Real High Level of Mastermind Building .

Listen to yourself – You know what you want and need but the best way to Really get what you want is to build a group that shares all information with each other . If a problem comes up you need to get a Group Email or Group Conference Call . My CEO Clients always Called everyone in Group Call . We talk with Lawyers, Real Estate agent , mortgage lender and Anyone else you need in the Transaction your neighbor can be invited if they have advice.

You should give everyone a change to share their thoughts openly and don’t think that Lawyer may have the answer to big question about Contract . The mortgage lender may have amazing answer . You have to ask what is there answers even if they don’t have answer you should ask everyone before . Coming up with decision you need to know all point of views . I have seen Buyer and Seller ask only their Real Estate attorney only to have the Attorney make a big mistake in the Deal because no one talk to the Lender or Real Estate Agent .

Need a List of Referrals of Lenders , Real estate agents , Attorneys , Home insurance and much more . I will send you just tell me in the subject Need a Referral list just tell me your location