Dropping The Asking Price: Say No Make sure you have tired everything #48

As an Real Estate agent I have Seen Sellers and Other Agent just Drop the Asking Price over and Over and Over again . Each Price Drop making me Sad . I cry when I see a Price Drop and/or I take Part of price Drop . Price Drops make me Feel as if I failed as a Real Estate agent .

A Real Estate Agents is Marketer First . We Train How Can we get People into the House and get them to make offers . This our First Job To get Your House Market to more Eyes Then there is on this Earth . So Let look at this As a Marketer for a second . You will see why Dropping a Price really can be an issue if not done correctly and if you have look at all the other Factors in the Marketing .

Lets us make a List What Goes into Marketing Your Home.

First is presentation – House is your House present to the Public . Did You DeClutter ? Did you Stage the House for the best results ? Have you Don’t little Repairs , Paint or Change out Dated appliances ? What is your Curb Appeal ? What is you House Smell like ? People Buy with All 5 Senses and then the Heart. If you make your house look so great to the point you don’t want move out you on to something .

Second is Detail – What Are in the Details of the advertising . Is your advertising expecting Feeling and Emotions to What , How and Why you should live in this House . You always have remember Your House is going against every House in the neighbor,Town, County and Even State . How

Third is What is Monthly Payments – People Buy by monthly payments . You need to know if your property Taxes are on per with Area . Can it be Grieved ?You will want to Grieve Assessment Value Year before you go on the Market . Buyer will want to See the New and improved Taxes . Do you Save in Energy ? this good for Buyers to know ? Do you have any like Home Warranty? Do you Have Contract with Vendors that like Wow ? This were your Asking Price comes into point . You want show Your House price is Just as low or lower in neighborhood.

Four is How are you house get Explosion? Most Agents are using there Multiple Listing Service ( MLS) Their Company Websites , Zillow , Trulia ,Realtor and etc. They really get the property out there . Now the Question is what else are they Doing this when Question to your agent is Really important . I know what My Real estate Agents in my Team provide . Explosion can be done also with Open House , Other Events also . How they using YouTube? How they using 3D Scan walk through ? How they using Professional pictures ? Also Drones to with Marketing. Social Media Also is Tool .

So You Should be look at all the 4 Groups before you Drop your price . If you drop the price it need to be should that is really a bargain in the Area . Just a Drop the asking with no Story line to it . Will only Hurt your Time on Market . You want sell your House Fast this important.

If your like a List of Secrets you can Share with your Agent or Put into place before you Price Drop . Free Guide : Get Your House Sold in 20 Days or Less . I know you most likely read many of this Guides and Here to Say if you have it nothing Different but I can say there is one think most Real Estate agents are not using .