Why Most Real Estate Agent Fail in the Business After 2 Years?#47

I want to share this information on my Blog to try to help agents and Client in Sales or need to Tackle Fear. For the Mentors I had all the help I received . The help change my Direction from Failing to succeeding . I Love to succeed

The Biggest Challenge a Real Estate Agent has FEAR . As a Buyer or Seller Fear can also effect you . I have seen Buyers become fearful of the unknown in the process or Seller Become Fearful because there no appointment on the first weekend .

There is 4 Kinds of Fear Real Estate Agent will Deal with . As a New Real Estate Agent you may not see The All of the Kinds of Fears . You also may not taking into account all of the Fears .

  1. Fear of Change . So you have got a Real Estate agent . Awesome you have Start in one most Amazing Careers you can have . You will help so many people if you desire . So you think you can just tell people you do Real Estate and they come work with you Asap . Guess what your Friends and Family mostly will be the last Customers to work with you because see you as you . So you have to Change you have to Become a Real Estate Agent . You have change the way you see yourself . You have Change your Comfort Zone push it . Always kept a Edge . Be Extremely Welcoming of Change . Each Day Ask yourself what are doing to Change and How are you welcoming it. Remember if your not Changing Your not Growing. Your Drying .
  2. Feeling of Fear – You Always thinking How people are seeing you, How they think you? This start a Feeling of Fear . STOP your only think about How people See you because need to Start Loving yourself More . This the answer Start Loving your . Tell yourself You Love Yourself Each day 100 of Times if not 1,000 . I had to tell myself, I love myself more then 10,000 Times a day . Once you find yourself loving yourself . You will not be Feel Fear of anything people say that is not positive or helpful critics .
  3. FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN – So I Bold and Capital The letter of Number Three because this most important . I know you may not know when your get the next Deal , Next Client , You don’t know if you going to money Pay your Bills .I am hear to Tell you I was there. My mentor tried to help me with this in my early days . When you have no money you start to get Fear of the Unknown my future . I don’t have money but when you know that your working the process and set up your systems . You will be great shape . You want keep yourself focus on Clients/ interest first . What can you be doing to make your clients exceed to work with you . A write letter can go Along Way mail it . You be Surprised after a tour after an appointment . You see people love getting nice Mail . If you don’t have money to mail you can always hand deliver the letter . Also to help with issue you must be honest to yourself do what is need to reach your future clients . I look at everyone as a client . I never use the word prospect or lead . I only want clients . Your desire to make it you will make it all work out just say Commitment to Systems .

4. FEAR Coming From Outside Sources – News of any kind , Business News , Real Estate Magazines and People . They always have bad news nothing good to say . You need to always stay Reading , listening to what going on the real market . What happening locally like what business are coming to area . What programs, Events and Supports are happening in the Market . Stay focus on the positive news of Your Market place . People were still buying and Selling in the last Recession . Stay Market Focus Don’t let outside source stop you . This mean people who just don’t support . Stay away from people who Live for the Weekend . You live for life and passion

I hope this article help a little and if ever anything I am here .

Technology in Real Estate ?#50

With my Apprentice mind Set . I am always looking to see How Technology is changing Real Estate or Service offer that is changing the industry . I have notice Re/Max is Bring to the Front of the Table with Email with Videos in Side them . This Help with New Generation Who grow up looking at You Tube Videos. This Has become a game Changer . The way a email is sent and how Buyers & Sellers are getting their information .

Real estate agent should be in the Forefront.

With so many changes Does your real estate agent now about the changes in industry. From docusign, dot loop to Dropbox for cloud filing and get paperwork electronically signed .

It was about 6 months ago when agent ask me to fax her the offer . I haven’t fax any in years . I have email fax number but come on come into the 2019’s here .

Said to say but a lot of real estate agent are not working with technology. We have seen what happen to industry who don’t work with technology just as your local taxi driver who didn’t work Uber or Lift .

If you are in interview for real estate agent you should ask then some questions?

You should ask them how feel about technology?

What are some new tools they using to get houses sold ?

What are changes have come to the real estate industry?

How are they changing the game ?

Thus just some of the questions if looking for more questions just reach out to us .