Third Party Is Power . #28

I have spoke about Third Party representation in the past Post like post . As when you hire an agent you are Hiring someone to representation you in Sell or Purchase of property . This Third Party Representation is what make using an real estate agent stronger then selling the House on your owe .

To explain this Third Party Representation . I had a (Friend) client call me once tell me she was talking to Seller By Owner (FSBO) .

She called me for advice , Most Real Estate agent my not help but I know let me Help because I know 85% of the Time Seller can’t Sell His or Her Own House . They get in their own way . Their emotions are to much tide to the out come of the Sell . This Goes for Buyer too.

So I go give this Client(Buyer ) advice on pricing,comps and how to present her offer . She does it like a professional better then I would . The Seller receive the email and the message to call her back . At which time the Seller Start Yelling at her that she is crazy and doesn’t know what she doing . She doesn’t know nothing . This of course make her turn off and she doesn’t want the property any more . The Seller lost a Buyer . He end up hiring a real estate agent 5 months later sold for 10 ,000 lease then her .

This Buyer was making 6 Figure Salary and was really smart but at that moment Seller yelled she know that she was going to Hire me .

So look at the Third Party representation as your weapon to work for you . They keep all your emotions from the other Side .

Other explain is when you purchase a Car How many time Have you seen the Sales person us the Manager as their Third Party person they can’t lower the price . They say let me check with my Sales Manager if we do that ? They even say their on your side . This the Power of The Third Party representation.