Different Why to look at what you want to Get what you want in finding a House #7

I have seen People hurt themselves using the Wrong words . Buyers start with search in negative words and hurt road to the find of the house . First word the buyer should start with is My Monthly Budget .

The Price of House Don’t mean nothing unless you paying Cash . What is your My Monthly Budget get that clear as soon as possible. DON’T LOOK AT THE PRICE OF THE HOUSE .

Get into the habit of looking at it in MY Monthly Budget . I have seen buyer purchase house of their dream when change that one way of thinking . Houses they thought was out of price range were in their MY Monthly Budget . There is a lot more words which I share later articles . Thank you for reading my Blog

There is some great books on budget out there I attach link to Amazon below I am an affiliate Seller so I do get paid if purchase from the link