Finding the Mentor You need in Real Estate #5

This Article is for everyone . You want to find a Mentor in everything you do in life from career, health and wealth Building . It can be Mentor you talk to everyday or can be Books, Seminars or even Podcast . Having a mentor in Real estate will help you Minimize the mistakes because learning from someone else . I had two Mentors in Real estate when I start but I had mentors every year for everything I do . There is always someone has done it before . The more you want to achieve the more you need other mentor.

How you find your mentor first look around your office see who has your values(read blog article 4) . Ask questions once you find some one see if you can help them by doing open house , help with showing anything that show them that your willing to learn but understand this two way street . If you cant find a mentor and you still want be in that Real Estate office look for outside help .

I have always willing to help ,I have form on my website fill it out and reach back out to you . Its Free Mentor ship because you will be growing my knowledge also . I believe Knowledge is easy to achieve if your will to help as many people I can help . My Dream is to help as many people I can with mentor ship or finding the right agent to work with each other .

If you don’t want work with I OK with it also . My feels are not hurt if you don’t want use my help . I understand

Great books – Real: A Path to Passion, Purpose and Profits in Real Estate or Winning Secrets No One Tells New Real Estate Agents: How To Go Solo without Going Broke

Please note note there is a lot more books but referral this two because read them . Also I do get paid by amazon if purchase through the link

You tubers to follow or Just Look him up at MEETKEVIN I not making any money on this I follow him and he honest . Help people start investmenting in Real Estate also